Your organization, department, or unit has its own unique specialisation. To properly perform your activities, you need access to the right digital information, be it local, national, or international. Much is demanded from you and your colleagues. So why not make the same demands of your educators? In practice, good-quality training can make the difference between success or failure. Or worse!  


For over 8 years, IACA has been providing the kind of vocational training that perfectly complements your needs. When developing your custom training, our key focus is your educational demand. Over the past years, our teachers have trained employees of basically all Dutch governmental organizations involved with gathering digital intelligence. Moreover, through regulated channels, they provide support to various organizations facing operational digital issues.


Custom IACA training is based on (parts of) existing modules, and is developed exclusively for your organization.

When should you choose custom training?


  • If you are intending to implement a new department or specialisation;
  • If new employees require rapid and effective re-training;
  • If your organization is facing a broadening agenda or increased professionalisation.


IACA custom training:


  • OSINT: Open-Source Intelligence 
  • SOCMINT: Social Media Intelligence 
  • Cyber-HUMINT: Internet Infiltration & Digital Observation 
  • IACA ViSIM®: Virtual Intelligence Simulation 
  • T-OSINT: Technical Open-Source Intelligence
  • PFDAV®: Predictive Forensic Data Analytics & Visualisation


IACA has developed unique custom training for special branches of the Dutch government and (inter)national organizations. These partnerships have developed to such an extent that they now require new employees to complete IACA training before being allowed to work. 


For custom training, IACA requires a minimum of twelve participants. Naturally, depending on your specific demands, exceptions are possible. It is also possible to enter into a special confidentiality agreement or to undergo additional screening on behalf of your organization or service.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities for exclusive custom or close-ended training? Please feel free to contact us today.