On May 15, 2019, two months after the attacks in New Zealand, 18 countries and 16 international companies signed the’ ‘Christchurch Call’.


For 17 minutes everyone could see the horrors of the attacks in New Zealand live. The video was viewed more than 4000 times before it was eventually deleted. Despite all efforts, the video can still be found online.


Research, which was carried out by our organization and others, showed that the perpetrator had been publishing extremist statements and “indicators” via various social media sources for some time before his heinous act. Our researchers also found that, almost immediately after the attacks, there was an “interaction” between the social media publications of the perpetrator and people who said they “agreed” with his online behavior. This raised the question whether all likers could pose a threat.


The core task of the Study Center is to determine online (ultra) extremist and radicalized (religious) behavioral patterns of individuals and organizations on the World Wide Web. Of course sharing the knowledge and research results with various internationally affiliated organizations is central. Recently the Study Center created two digital reporting points (Surface and Darkweb) at which extremist publications and behavior can be reported anonymously.


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