OSIDATA®: The largest open source database in the world

Your portal to professional investigations!


The International Anti Crime Academy is the only training center in Europe offering students access to an exclusive, online and secure platform with current OSINT tools, software, wizards, books and instruction videos.


The database, called ‘OSIDATA®’, is divided into 28 ‘Chapters’, each of which represents the most current tools, APIs, software and wizards applicable to the subject in question.

For instance, the ‘Facebook’ Chapter offersmore than 50 possibilities for investigate a Facebook account whilst the ‘Companies’ Chapter gives direct access to over 160 trade registers. You can also follow websites, social media accounts or keywords through the ‘Worldwide Monitoring’ Chapter.


Methodes and tools to trace online information are changing really fast. Therefore OSIDATA® is updated and adjusted every day. Our own specialists and developers continuously search and develop methods that make it possible for analysts to find information that remains hidden to others.


One of the most inspiring examples is a completely legal and very simple way of tracing the location and IP address of a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram user. All elements of OSIDATA® will be taught during our Open Source Intelligence courses. Open Source Intelligence analysts will be truly amazed by the facilities OSIDATA® presents. The possibilities to gather online information and intelligence increases considerably, while the entire process requires much less time than normally.


After following the ‘Open Source Intelligence’ training, analysts or investigators will have access to the database for 1 year. They will also receive a new exercise each month, along with a newsletter featuring information about all the latest tools, software and methodes. It is possible to renew the autorization for OSIDATA. For organisations and companies, we can create tailor-made quotes for keep access to OSIDATA®.