Recognition diploma

In 2020, the International Anti-Crime Academy submitted Module 1Module 2,  Module 3 and Module 4 of the Digital Information-led Operational Specialist® training for assessment by the Dutch Centre for Post Initial Education (CPION). This organization is the official point of contact for educational institutions wanting to have their post initial training officially recognized as a registered education. CPION is the quality controller for, among others, the Dutch Foundation for Post-Vocational Education. Only educational training that meets their strict criteria are eligible for the title of ‘registered training’ and inclusion in the Dutch Education Register.


One condition for registration with SPHBO is that the learning objectives– here: the Digital Information-led Operational Specialist® course – comply with the criteria that a post-bachelor-education may be expected to meet in terms of its standard, enrichment, currency, and job market relevance. This compliance is assessed by an independent Advisory Committee of experts linked to the institute. In evaluating and assessing registered educations, the Advisory Committee reviews and monitors issues like contents, completion time, number of class hours, workload, practical assignments, exam assignments and the like.


The aforementioned procedure led to the International Anti-Crime Academy’s permission to issue a registered and recognized post-bachelor diploma for the Digital Information-led Operational Specialist® training.


Additionally,  to be able to guarantee the quality and job market relevance of this training, the International Anti Crime Academy has appointed an external Advisory Committee of experts. This committee comprises members who are in active operations in the following sectors:


  • Sector: Investigations (government)
  • Sector: Intelligence (government)
  • Sector: civil investigations, supervision, and detection (AML)


The Advisory Committee monitors and consults regarding the relevance of the Digital Information-led operational Specialist® training on the working floor of the aforementioned sectors.


What are the advantages of education registration of this course for you?


Following successful completion of the full IACA DIGOS Module 1Module 2,  Module 3 and Module 4 courses, you will receive the recognized post-bachelor diploma for Digital Information-led Operational Specialist®, and will also be inducted into the Dutch Graduate Register.


  • (Future) employers can use the Dutch Graduate Register to verify your certificate.
  • Inclusion in the register lets you submit a request to reissue a lost or missing certificate.


For certified subtends living or working abroad, CPION will provide an English-language post-bachelor statement to accompany the Digital Information-led Operational Specialist® diploma.