Following the successful completion of DILOS/OSINT Module 1 (IACA-1) you can enter and participate in Module 2. This 3-day module perfectly complements previous course outlines, and is supplemented with components that are immediately usable in the context of information-led work.


Overview of IACA Digital Information-led Operational Specialist® components | OSINT-2 (IACA DIGOS/OSINT-2)


Component 9: Case Management Systems

Component 10: Operational Information Skills Level-2

Component 11: Digital business analysis

Component 12: Compiling local forensic database

Component 13: Importing digital information (OsiScraper®)


During this course, the participants use procedures and registered software exclusively developed by IACA. As a result, this training can only be followed at IACA.


Normally, this course is taught as an open classroom training. However, given your work activities, we can imagine that you may want to pose questions freely. In this case, we can provide closed-access training at your location from a minimum of twelve participants. As you have come to expect, we also provide fully tailored training based on (parts of) this module. We are happy to provide a suitable proposal.


Our instructors have been screened and are in confidentially agreements with various government services. Naturally, signing specific confidentiality agreements with respect to your organization or service is not an issue.


Certification & Recognition

Our education institute has been assessed by and is registered with CRKBO (Dutch Central Register for Post Vocational Education). This module (IACA DILOS/OSINT-2) is part of the recognized training program Digital Information-led Operational Specialist®. This training concerns recognized registered education assessed and accredited by the Dutch Central Register for Post Vocational Education and the Dutch Register for post-bachelor Education (SPHBO). This makes our education institute the only civil organization in Europe able and permitted to issue this registered certificate. Upon completion of this module, you will receive the following diploma:


  • DILOS | Registered Open Source Intelligence Analyst®


Subsequent modules

Following the successful completion of the IACA DILOS/OSINT-2 module and you have the required work experience and prior education, you can participate in the post-bachelor IACA DILOS/OSINT-3 module.

Click here for more information on certificate recognition of Module 2.