The learning material of Module 1 will be further explored during these three teaching days. Under the guidance of our teachers, who provide these lessons worldwide, you will learn in a very intensive way the newest methods in the field of Open Source and Social Media Intelligence (OSINT & SOCMINT). The instruction method during this program alternates pleasantly between theory and practical assignments. This complete program has been developed in collaboration with former students (Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analysts) who use the various OSINT techniques during their daily work. OSINT tools, techniques and software, which you will already know, are optimally analyzed and used during this three-day training program. Your OSINT knowledge will be at an exceptionally high level after completing this program.


In addition to expanding the earlier skills, this module also pays attention to the analysis of photos and videos. The student is taught how to trace (hidden) documents, photos and videos on the internet and how to interpret them. As part of a group, you learn to determine where, when and by who the photos and videos were taken. The working of the world famous ‘OSINT MALTEGO’ program will also be extensively taught during this course. This software program can be used to collect, analyze and link information online. Maltego is an absolute must-have for every OSINT analyst. Of course, the Boolean operators (Google Operators) are essential during this Module. Students also learn to understand and create the most complex formulas to search deep in the internet or ‘Darknet’.

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This OSINT training is normally taught in open classes. However, we can imagine that you would like to ask work-related questions freely. In that case it is possible to provide this training program in a closed class with a minimum of 12 participants.


Our instructors are screened and have entered into a confidentiality agreement with various government departments. Of course concluding a specific confidentiality agreement with your organization is no problem.


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