Our lecturers have been commissioned by private individuals, companies and various government organizations for decades to conduct digital investigations into the detailed backgrounds of (major) criminal organizations, missing persons, frauds, swindlers, financial data, international real estate and (fraudulent) companies used for criminal activities. All of this knowledge has resulted in a study program that cannot be rivaled by any other educational institution. We possess an independently developed “OSINT-SOCMINT’ database OSIDATA®, consisting of hundreds of Internet tools, software and information sources. This database enables the screening of nearly every company and person in the world, the tracing of (missing) persons, or the online ‘monitoring’ of organizations and their activities and undesirable plans.


We would like to share our knowledge with you. During four days of lessons, we will teach you how to collect digital information by means of, for example, the ‘World Wide Web’ or ‘Dark Web’. We will teach you to penetrate deeply into shielded digital sources in a completely legal manner. These group lessons will be supplemented by a complete home-study package in the form of true cases. Obviously, we will pay a great deal of attention to the structuring, analysis and reporting of digital research during the lessons. We do not teach our students any ‘Google’ or ‘General Research’ tricks during this program. We teach a complete intelligence methodology and strategy that enables students to quickly and effectively gather the most hidden and up-to-date intelligence and information.


Our courses are suitable for anyone who needs to be able to gather – in a professional capacity – (background) information concerning persons, (inter)national companies, organizations or activities in support of a criminal or civil legal investigation, the protection of business interests or the safeguarding of (international) Public Order and Safety.


In order to accomplish this, you will be intensively taught the latest technologies and developments in the field of Open Source & Social Media Intelligence. Moreover, this training program includes various elements of the ‘Ethical Hacker’ phenomenon. To be able to participate in this program, you must possess sufficient practical knowledge of the use of computers and social media.


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Additional Courses


This OSINT training is normally taught in open classes. However, we can imagine that you would like to ask work-related questions freely. In that case it is possible to provide this training program in a closed class with a minimum of 12 participants.


Our instructors are screened and have entered into a confidentiality agreement with various government departments. Of course concluding a specific confidentiality agreement with your organization is no problem.


  • This training consists four training days

  • Physical classroom
    IACA has an excellent teaching location in Gilze-Rijen, where physical classroom training is provided.
    Virtual classroom
    IACA has also an exclusive virtual classroom. This ensures that the teaching experience of a virtual classroom lesson is exactly the same as the physical classroom lesson.
    For example, you can see each other, interact and ask questions live in class.
    The lesson hours, days and the number of participants are the same as the physical classroom lessons.


    • In-House training: please contact one of our training coordinators
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