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About us

The International Anti Crime Academy is a member of the International Association Of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (US) and is licensed to operate by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the Dutch Central Register for Vocational Training and the Center for Post Higher Education. The International Anti Crime Academy’s sole purpose is to provide the most comprehensive OSINT and SOCMINT training in the world.


In addition to open physical and virtual classroom trainings, IACA provides private and in-house trainings and lectures that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Registered Open Source Intelligence Analyst®

‘Information does not have to be secret to be valuable’. During this practical and intensive training program we learn our students to gather, analyze, interpret and link digital information. This training provides the latest techniques, tools, strategies and software that are necessary to gather highly detailed and confidential information of the World Wide Web and the Dark Web.

OSIDATA®: The largest open source database in the world

The International Anti Crime Academy is the only training center in Europe offering students access to an exclusive, online and secure platform with current OSINT tools, software, wizards, books and video’s. OSIDATA serves as a digital reference work and ensures that the students stay fully up to date, even after following the course.

Vocational OSINT Education

We are continuously developing new educational courses in the field of ‘Open Source Intelligence’ (OSINT) and ‘Social Media Intelligence’ (SOCMINT). 

Our lessons are always based on the latest knowledge, procedures and legislation.


Our courses are suitable for anyone who needs to be able to gather – in a professional capacity – (background) information concerning persons, (inter)national companies,

organizations or activities in support of a criminal or civil legal investigation, the protection of business interests or the safeguarding of (international) public order and safety.